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What can I do to get GPU to work on decoding Flash video?

At chrome://gpu Graphics Feature Status page I see all stuff green OK like Video Decode: Hardware accelerated, yet Flash nerd statistics tell me that decoding is done by software (yet rendering is accelerated).

I got not open source (additional) drivers for mobile ATI HD 7340. Had to change one Chrome flag to make rendering accelerated. What about decoding?

EDIT: I lowered CPU usage for Totem via Direct2D, but no changes in Flash.

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For weaker hardware or decent hardware but desire for real 24 FPS web-embedded videos I suggest minitube-ubuntu, resoned below. Minitube can play videos from Youtube without using Flash and having Graphics User Interface, that is better decoding performance or less system resources taken for the action. I have also noticed difference in FPS (= no screen tearing or slideshow) while Flash was showing FALSE 0 dropped frames... The only problem I found is no Youtube account support, however subscribe works fine.

You can get minitube-ubuntu at Software Center.

gstreamer package or workaround may be needed:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/kde4/plugins/phonon_backend /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/phonon_backend


Other issues fixes:

For videos not hosted on Youtube there is youtube-dl supporting variety of sites. But without GUI, command termianl program.


CPU 2x 1700 MHz
APU AMD E2-1800 driven by fglrx-updates, VESA
Ubuntu v14.04
Chrome v36.0.1985.125
Flash v14.0.0.145 /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash/

Performance HTML5 video 480p taking 70% CPU and false 24 FPS (I think Flash renders OK but Chrome FPS is lower and my eyes are not satisfied while screen is tearing)

minitube-ubuntu 1080p taking 70% CPU and true 24 FPS

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I have increased Flash performance in Chrome by removing fglrx drivers and installing default xorg instead. Even time spent on compiling special build of fglrx didn't help, Chrome GPU process was crashing which results less Flash performance.

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