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How do I get deb2pet for Ubuntu? You may be wondering why I want a program that converts Debian packages to puppy packages installed on a Debian-based system. Well, I use Ubuntu and I am one of the new AnitaOS contributors. I would like to have deb2pet installed on my Ubuntu system so I can port software.

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Any chance you have came across to this?

There is mirrors for that package as I suppose.

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Thanks, but I have a Ubuntu system. "*.pet" files do not install on Ubuntu, and alien cannot convert pet files to deb packages. I need to install deb2pet on Ubuntu (a Debian system). I can find deb2pet, but not for a Debian-based system. – Devyn Collier Johnson Dec 19 '13 at 14:05
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I found my answer. The creator of the Linux distro AnitaOS (Darren Hale), told me that "deb2pet" only exists as a *.pet package for Puppy Linux distros. No Debian packages exist for deb2pet.

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