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Is it possible to connect a smartphone through a USB cable to an Ubuntu machine and make or receive phone calls to or from other phones using the desktop?

EDIT: This is not a VOIP based question. What I intend to ask is whether, making phone calls using the GSM / 3G network is possible.

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how it is related to ubuntu? – Avinash Raj Dec 18 '13 at 16:29
This isn't exactly ubuntu-focused, unless you want to use Ubuntu to do this, in which case, could you make that a little more clear? – RPi Awesomeness Dec 18 '13 at 16:29
I want this happening on an Ubuntu machine. – Indian Dec 18 '13 at 16:53

I think I understand what you mean. I've got Ubuntu 12.10 and by instaling AirDroid, you can access and control your mobile phone from your desktop.

There are two modes:

  • One using a central site where you conect and.. bla bla, we guys don't care... but works ok!!

  • The other one is by using mobile phone IP granted by your Wi Fi network, open web broswser on PC and type http://phoneIPaddress:8888 This way your browser will handle the phone... voila


  1. To install AirDroid go to GooglePlay, install it to your android device,
  2. Run it from your device and copy the IP showed on your screen
  3. On your desktop web browser, type:

    This will open the android screen, that is all.

I recomend using bluetooth headseat for phone calls, this way the PC initiate the call the rest is between the phone and the bluetooth headset. Got one from amazon for less than U$5 and headset cost me around U$30, the more expensive headset were really disappointing.

Hope this helps.

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Yes. The smartphone just provides an IP connection to and from the web (and some carriers, like Virgin Mobile USA, block VOIP traffic- be warned).

  1. If you have a Google account you can add Google Voice for free, dial in the Chrome or Chromium browsers with Google Voice (free in the US et Canada) and then use the microphone and speaker of your machine. There was an extension for Firefox years ago, but no longer. Here's a review and a critique. Been using it since 2007 and it works reliably, with no commercials, even though free.

  2. You can also add a SIP client like Linphone or SFLphone among others and use VOIP providers such as CallCentric. You get what you pay for with VOIP providers, but I've been happy with CallCentric. Here are two, count them two, reviews.

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I did not ask a VOIP based question. I just want to connect my PC to the cellphone network and dial a call. Like a modem does. – Indian Dec 21 '13 at 14:40

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