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I have only Ubuntu 12.04 on my system. After I installed some updates, I restarted and the boot sequence would skip the GRUB Menu and go straight to the first option(normal Ubuntu boot).

Even if I press Shift or Space, it would not load. It would start to load the Ubuntu logo, then go black.

If I press Ctrl+Alt+F1 then I am able to login, and run some commands, but if I go to the graphical mode(Ctrl+alt+F7) than it is stuck in the picture shown here.

I want to boot via the recovery mode.

I haven't tried boot-recovery, but I will. Anything else I can do?

update #1: I removed timidity, and restarted (in hindsight, timidity wasn't the problem as it was the last thing that had [OK] next to it). Now it boots, but it goes into a black screen after it displays the Ubuntu logo, right before it is supposed to go into desktop. It's not a black-screen-no-signal thing, it is like the background is all black. I tried booting from USB, and the same thing happened. I am slightly annoyed, because there is no apparent reason for this. Now I can't even go into terminal. I happy to receive any suggestions.

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Not sure what kind is your video card, you can try this:

  sudo su
  chmod +x sgfxi

This script is designed to help installing Nvidia/AMD proprietary drivers automatically downloading them from vendor's site. I suspect kernel was updated.

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At the end, I solved it. I was a problem with the display manager. – jon18 Dec 19 '13 at 11:38

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