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Running raring 13.04 I meet a strange behaviour (non-blocking). When I launch a home subfolder (e.g. Music) from the nemo launcher, the windows opens fine but I always get the hourglass pointer for 15s, after which the pointer becomes normal, whether I keep the window opened or I close it before the 15s laptime.

I don't use cinnamon (not installed), just nemo v1.7.2 from synaptic/software center.

When I run nemo Music from a terminal or from the Alt+F2 prompt, I don't get this hourglass. I don't get it neither when I just left-click the nemo parent icon. I don't get this behaviour neither with LibreOffice icon sub-items.

I tried to specify the full path in ~/.local/share/applications/nemo.desktop (Exec=nemo /home/me/Music) with no change in behaviour.

Please, what does make this to happen?

Thank you

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Although it is an old question, this recent answer (…) is likely relevant. – Cosmin Saveanu Mar 11 at 0:59

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