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My last computer broke and I'm debating trying something new with the next one. However, there are a lot of pieces to it and I haven't been able to sort them all out on my own.

I just bought an Acer Aspire V5-572G-6679, which apparently has an unoccupied mSATA port inside. Upon looking inside I realized mSATA is not the same as SATA3, so I have to return the SSD I bought (but that's not particularly relevant). I've read about setting '/' and '/home' on the SSD for maximum performance, and using Symlinks for music, pictures, documents, and such. Here are my concerns:

1) Would it even be worth the hassle installing and potential trouble later? I know SSDs are supposed to be one of the best upgrade you can make for computer performance, but I've read with mSATA the SSDs might not perform to their fullest.

1b) This page suggests that the motherboard can handle 6gb SATA (so it shouldn't restrict SSDs?). Is there any reason this wouldn't apply to the mSATA as well?

2) I'll be restoring my data from a Deja Dup backup. It worked great last time (restored my settings and everything), but I'm worried it might not work if the folders are organized differently. If the symlinks are set up properly it shouldn't be an issue though, right?

3) Similar to #2, I'm currently on 12.04 but I'm thinking of upgrading to 13.10. Would it be better to restore my backup on 12.04 (the same version I used to make the backup) and then upgrade, or does it not matter?

4) With Symlinks, as long as I don't move the target folder (for example, 'Music' on the larger HDD) it should still work? Changing any files or folders within 'Music' won't affect the Symlink?

5) Symlinks seem easy to make in Nautilus. Are there any other difficulties in setting the system folders (music, docs, pics, etc) as symlinks? I suppose I could just make a symlink inside the music folder?

6) Is this something I might have to worry about booting from an SSD, or is it something optional? I had trouble understanding the pack and packages referenced.

7) Can anyone recommend a decent mSATA SSD or brand (I bought a Samsung, but they don't make mSATA I think). I'm looking for 120 or 128gb, around $100-150 range.

8) the boot sector should be on the SSD, correct? Where should I put swap, and how big should it be? The comp has 6gb of ram now.

9) I just read that /home doesn't need to be on a separate partition, as Ubuntu can preserve /home even when reinstalling the OS now. Is this true? Is there any advantage to have /home on a separate partition anymore?

Sorry to ask so many questions! I've just never tried setting up a comp with multiple drives and it feels complicated. I don't want to under-prepare and end up with a problem on my hands.

Thank you so much!!

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