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I want to install Ubuntu touch on my phablet but Is it resourceful. software that are available for Ubuntu desktop will work on this or not? If not where can I find s/w for Ubuntu touch .

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If it is based on the Nexus 4 architecture, try flashing the image but be warned: It is a developer build! You cannot use it as an replacement for Android (yet). It only offers the basic functions like telephony, mobile internet and Co. By now you cannot simply run Ubuntu software on there either. If you compile it for ARM it might work.

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Someone might've tried to port it already, seeing how it is based on the Nexus 4 architecture. Please refer to this page as it has an up-to-date list of supported devices.

And apps are being designed for Touch, so apps already exiting for the desktop version may or may not work on Touch depending on whether or not they have been ported.

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