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I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a dual boot system. I upgraded my PC's motherboard to Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H motherboard. 12.04 no longer sees the network interface ! I now want to upgrade to 13.04. Is there a 13.04 download I can put onto a DVD and then upgrade 12.04 after I have booted up 12.04 ?

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You might want to consider upgrading to 13.10 instead as support for 13.04 ends in January. Or install the Hardware Enablement Stack. – LiveWireBT Dec 16 '13 at 12:52

Boot with the live CD/DVD of the new version. If this can see the network card it should connect to the internet and give you the upgrade option when you select install.

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Yes you can upgrade to 13.04 using a DVD instalation. Just put the DVD in as you would normally install ubuntu, and when this screen apears: enter image description here Just make sure you chose to upgrade.

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