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I want to rip some tv series. dvd::rip doesnt allow me to transcode all the titles with one click, which means doing the same process many times (20~ eps x many seasons= many videos).

Is there any software or script you know to copy all the dvds to my hd and then transcode them all to xvid files?


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Handbrake and DVD::RIP will both let you queue things but it's quite a tedious process. You have to manually input the episode number, amongst other tedious things. It wasn't for me.

So when I wanted to rip my Family Guy DVDs, I wrote a simple script that I could reuse in the future:


name="Family Guy"

#mkdir $scratch

for c in $(seq 1 1 $count)
    ep=`printf "%02.f" $(( ($disk-1)*$count+$c ))`
    fn="$scratch/$name ${series}x$ep.mp4"
    echo "Ripping $name ${series}x${ep} to fn"
    /home/oli/hb/HandBrakeCLI -S 200 -Z Television -a 1 -i /dev/sr0 -o "$fn" -t $(($c + $offset))

#echo "moving..."
#mv $scratch/* "$destination"
echo "done."

sleep 2

This is really very raw and there's plenty of scope for improving it. The format for calling it is:

script_name <series> <disk> <number-of-episodes-per-disk>
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the script is nice. handbrake also looks very good. Thanks for the tip – santiagozky May 2 '11 at 15:18

there is some dvd::rip queue project, in software-center it states that

dvdrip-queue lets you queue up dvd::rip projects to be encoded, so you don't have to babysit when you're ripping a bunch of dvd's or if you're ripping a dvd with several titles on it (like a tv show)

i will update this when i will try it

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