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I'm testing Ubuntu12.04 MAAS with juju ,i installed the maas server and add 2 nodes now the nodes allocated to admin user when i start them login is required i tried the admin username and password but always got error "login incorrect" any one can help me please

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juju ssh <machine-id> easiest , and:

ssh ubuntu@<host> roughly equivalent. You'll always need to log in as the ubuntu user, and you'll need to authenticate with one of the private keys (id_dsa, id_rsa, or identity) in your ~/.ssh directory.

(When you bootstrapped, juju will have looked in ~/.ssh and automatically chosen one of, and to authorize for all machines; if necessary, you can override this behaviour by setting authorized-keys-path in your environment configuration, but you may need to do more work to configure ssh to use the appropriate private keys.)

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thank you very much i tried juju ssh <machine-id> but got ERROR no reachable servers also tried ssh ubuntu@<host> and got ssh: Could not resolve hostname node0: Name or service not known i tried enter the username 'ubuntu' and admin's username and pw but also got login incorrect i didn't understand what to do with ssh key i already configured – eng. alhasani Dec 19 '13 at 7:09
It sounds as though your machine can't see the maas network. Try adding a nameserver as described here. – fwereade Dec 19 '13 at 16:32

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