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I'm new to Linux/Ubuntu all together. Installed it on my first PC build last night and I'm having trouble getting the drivers set.

I currently have the card in the board and I have Nvidia 319 drivers active. I installed Sysinfo guessing that would help me get the card up an running and when I click the Nvidia tab, all the details of the card are unknown.

I clicked on display settings and I get a error message about Nvidia driver x. installed NVCLOCK but cant open the app due to the lack of appropriate drivers. I just wanna get the card working so i can use the HDMI port.

I currently have no speakers, so no sound. can anyone direct me to a forum or guide me to getting the card working?


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This worked for me in 13.10. However, I was having problems with the black screen after a login session. The first answer helped me out.

Ubuntu 13.10 - Black screen after logging in after installing nVidia drivers

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