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I have qbittorrent installed.

When I click on a magnet link with Firefox it prompts me what program to use to open it. I would love to use qbittorrent, but it is not listed there. I search for it and it is not there.

I have qbittorrent installed and open, currently running.

This is frustrating as hell. Why isn't it there? Why can't I just open the file that I would of had downloaded an hour ago if I were on windows? Why is such a simple thing so complicated in ubuntu?

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Transmission and deluge handle this without problems. Probably qbittorrent is not set as a "magnet link capable" software.

Anyway, if you search for some of your key words on askubuntu you would end up with this:

How do I assign magnet links to use qbittorrent?

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Where are you searching for qbittorrent? Try looking in /usr/bin/ directory. I use deluge and I had to point to deluge binary in /usr/bin directory for the first time. Now it opens magnet links automatically in deluge.

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