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I have toshiba satellite P50-AX3110 laptop which comes with preinstalled windows 8 operating system having following configuration(4GB RAM,3rd generation intel core i5 processor,2GB NVIDIA GeFORCE GT 740M with optimus GRAPHICS CARD).

I have recently installed UBUNTU 13.10(since it is the latest version) alongside windows 8 in my laptop. Everything is working fine in Ubuntu 13.10 except the 2GB NVIDIA GeFORCE GT 740M with optimus GRAPHICS CARD.Sir in the device information in ubuntu 13.10, when i select graphics it shows intel ivybridge, whereas it should show NVIDIA GRAPHIC card.

I have tried many documentation on the internet but nothing worked. sir kindly provide me the steps on how to configure 2GB NVIDIA GeFORCE GT 740M with optimus GRAPHICS CARD in UBUNTU 13.10 or suggest me any other version of Ubuntu which would support 2GB NVIDIA GeFORCE GT 740M with optimus GRAPHICS CARD.

one of the solution i had tried(after searching on the internet) is that i had installed NVIDIA 331 PACKAGE ALONG WITH BUMBLEBEE PACKAGE from the synaptic package manager but still the problem persists.kindly provide me a solution to the above.

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Intel *bridge is the codename for the Intel embedded Graphic Chips. So you're using the embedded chip instead of your Nvidia.

You need the Nvidia Linux driver for your Graphics Card. To get it, go to the Nvidia website, select your country, go to the support section, hit "download drivers" and enter your hardware specs.

Assuming you're running a x64 system (4GiB of RAM) this driver might be best for your system: LINUX X64 (AMD64/EM64T) DISPLAY DRIVER

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