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I've been working with Ubuntu on my lenovo for awhile. after heavy using I started to face the black screen when I reboot. Cursor at the top left blinking with the sound of rebooting. I still see the mouse pointer. I had to hold Ctrl+Alt with F1 to work around that. After Entering my credentials, I typed in "sudo service lightdm --full-restart", so it works fine. I still face this issue every time I reboot. My question is what might cause this problem ? How do I fix it permanently ? .

Nota: I had to replace lightdm with gdm in oreder to work, although, I don't like gdm .

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What graphics card/drivers are you using? You said after heavy use this began, that seems unrelated but not insignificant. Try:

Cannot boot normally, without restarting lightdm (or gdm)


Ubuntu Opens in Black Screen Using Lightdm But Working When Using GDM

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the issue was with the lightdm, I had to remove it and install gdm instead. thank you – Yahyaotaif Dec 17 '13 at 15:34

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