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I am using a Nvidia GT 630M card (on a Lenovo G580) which probably uses Optimus since the Intel integrated graphics show up.

I am somewhat new to Linux and installed Ubuntu 13.10.

System Settings -> Software & Updates -> Additional Drivers shows me I am not using proprietary drivers and there are no available.

However I did download the 331.20 driver from Nvidia but I am not sure how to install it and if this is the smart way (no packages/updates!?).

What is the correct and easy way to install the proprietary drivers? Can I use the Software Center?

Is Optimus still a big problem? Do not the 331 and 319 drivers have Optimus support for Linux?

If Optimus is a problem:

Is there a way to manually switch between Intel and Nvidia graphics (which would be the easiest way in my opinion)? Is there another way to deal without Bumblebee? How do I enable Nvidia card for Steam Games with Bumblebee?

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Any specific reason why you do not want Bumblebee? People reports that they are having success ubuntuforums.org/… –  Braiam Dec 15 '13 at 10:25
2 reasons: 1) I read somewhere the drivers fully support optimus (which to me means I do not need Bumblebee) (sry could not find source). 2) I am not sure how to set up Bumblebee for Steam Games and I would prefer to manually turn on the GPU if I need it. –  kunibert Dec 15 '13 at 11:31

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