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I am trying to rename all files in a folder replacing underscores with spaces.

i.e. this_is_a_test --> this is a test

but somehow I'm messing up the quoting

> for file in * ; do echo mv -v $file $(echo $file | sed 's/_/\\ /g') ; done
mv -v this_is_a_test this\ is\ a\ test

that looks OK, but if I remove the 'echo' mv complains as if the backslashes were removed

> for file in * ; do mv -v $file $(echo $file | sed 's/_/\\ /g') ; done
mv: target ‘test’ is not a directory

Can someone point out the error of my ways?

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There is a minor mistake. Use "$newfile" instead of only $newfile. You need to use "

Here is the correct one.

for file in * ; do mv -v "$file" "$(echo $file | sed 's/_/\\ /g')" ; done

If you have filename this_is_a_test it will rename file to this\ is\ a\ test.

In case if you want to rename the file to this is a test. Use the code below,

for file in * ; do mv -v "$file" "$(echo $file | sed 's/_/ /g')" ; done

It is a good practise to use variables inside "" while you writing good shell script.

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Many thanks for the help, you solved the problem! –  ottotts Dec 14 '13 at 9:59

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