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I recently installed Ubuntu live 13.10 its been a fun learning experience.

However I am reading all the help files on permissions to determine why I the owner of my own computer that I purchaced with my hard earned money does not allow me to do simple things like write a bios update CD/DVD.

I have read help online, Ubuntus help. I did everthing that was asked and mentioned and more. I am still unable to own my computer. This is somewhat nerve racking to own something and have it tell you sorry you don't own me.

The question at hand involves burning a DVD .iso of an updated bios version. I've installed a few programs that indicate they are the supreme comanders of .iso burn technology.

I keep getting messages after waiting 20 minutes to burn a few kb's. These messages are disk drive unmounted. And unable to determine file permissions. I tried to change file permissions with no luck. The file manager will not allow me to resize columns, so that I may see the information presented.

I believe this is way to long to spend on a simple problem. Im starting to believe I have a gremlin in my Ubuntu that is stopping me at or redirecting me down endless dead ends. This may be the problem.

How bout any programs that look for gremlins ?

Is there a help menu that actually looks for what you ask for ?

Or am I the only one in the universe that types in the search bar only to find a message that no such topic exists ?

I find it hard to believe when you have an issue with the DVD-R there is no information upon request that is searchable.

Some one please help. even if the solution is to toss this fricking computer out the window.

I thought I was done with window payne when I came to Ubuntu. Guess not.

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Check to see if there's a firmware update for your drive. –  Mitch Dec 13 '13 at 19:32

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