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Update: I have now learned to use "ssh -Y uname@IP xterm" to start the session. I had to "sudo chown uname:uname ~uname/.Xauthority" in order to let x window to start.

xterm and gedit seem to work okay. Any other application is extremely sluggish to the point of being unusable over 100Base-T connection. Any suggestions?

Original post:

I have two ubuntu machines, a desktop running 13.10 and a laptop currently running 12.04. I would like to use the laptop to connect to the desktop with a remote session.

I cannot find instructions for separately setting up the server and client. I get confused in most discussions about which machine needs to be configured.

I have tried various incantations of ssh -X and ssh -Y but have not successfully started the unity session remotely on my desktop. I have succeeded in killing the local sessions on both machines.

Part of the confusion is that I never seem to find the configuration files that others suggest modifying and the utilities to modify the system seem to be different in each of the suggestions.


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