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Ok, so Basically I have build a new gaming PC myself.

Some basic info

8 core 3.5 GHz Amd processor

8gigs of RAM

GeForce 650 Ti Boost

While I save up for Windows 7 OS, I decided to install ubuntu. 13.10. I first configured the BIOS to my liking (Mostly fan, performance, etc stuff) I set a master password for the boot, so when you log on it asks for a password. I then installed Ubuntu. I encrypted the hard drive and my home folder, put maximum security options etc. Then it says to restart like normal this is where the problems begin.

I restart. Enter the boot mater password. Then it takes me to a screen asking for a passphrase to unlock the drive. I try to enter the password, but no characters show up. I look this up and find that it is a security feature. So I enter my password, then hit enter. Nothing happens. I restart and try again many times to no avail. I wonder if I created an error in my pass word. So I attempt to reinstall Ubuntu, I do. At the end of installation, I hit restart and then the computer just does nothing for several minutes, I then shut it off and turn it back on. It then asks me for the master boot password, I enter it. Then the grub menu appears, but different. It shows Ubuntu, advanced ubuntu options, and system setup. I hit ubuntu. Then again I cannot unlock my drive. I then decide I will reinstall again, and remove this security feature. But when I try to it does not run the disk, or acknowledge it in the grub menu. I try to override it by restarting in the BIOS, but It will not load, even when holding/pressing repeatedly the said keys. No matter what I do, grub menu shows up (after enter the master boot password every time). I hit the system setup option this just restarts my computer.

I am just left with a big steel block right now, what can I do?

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