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I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 on a Windows 7 laptop.

I have had some problems with an SD card reader in my laptop and my troubles began after that. On reboot my Ubuntu got hung on the purple screen before the login. I booted back in Windows and it recommended. I run CHKDSK as if Windows had sensed something was wrong somwhere. I let it run and it deleted some faulty records. Then I tried to reboot into Ubuntu but now I get stuck in a screen called GNU GRUB.

Could someone please tell me if I can recover from here on? I found a scenario on the web telling me how to search in GRUB for /vmluniz and /sbin/init and to use the linux, initrd and boot commands, but the search did not find anything. What should I do next? Thank goodness, I still have Windows going.

I could re-install Ubuntu but I probably would loose all my data, as it wants me to uninstall the old installation. Is this correct ?

PS1: I know nothing of GRUB so if I could get precise instructions, it would be very much appreciated.

PS2: When I boot I still see both Windows and Ubuntu in the boot menu.

It appears my "embedded" Ubuntu installation is damaged beyond repair. I have to start all over. This time I'll create a separate partition for Ubuntu. Thanks.

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If you are getting a choice of Ubuntu & Windows but are having issues is this a wubi install where Ubuntu is just a large file inside the NTFS partition and uses the Windows boot loader? –  oldfred Dec 13 '13 at 5:01

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