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I am a newbie, so I don't know what results I if any I will get. I have been checking out Ubuntu 9 or some number like that on a flash drive, and it seems like open source software and Ubuntu is the way to go.

A tablet looks like the place I would like to jump in. You know, new OS, new device, new day... It's a new wave, so what should I try?

  • Should I go ahead and buy a low-priced tablet and what specs do I look for?
  • Should get a Quad core with the most gigabytes?

Maybe an iView 7-inch Android Multi-touch Tablet or something from China? I think that going for a lower end brand tablet and not spending a lot is worth trying until the learning curve tells me it's time for something else.

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Seems you are more after a discussion, recommendations and opinions rather than a 'correct' answer. I would suggest you try out a forum such as – miphe Dec 12 '13 at 22:17
Yep, UbuntuForums.Org is good for the hardware discussions. – K7AAY Dec 13 '13 at 20:38
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Suggest you start small and simple; create a LiveUSB by downloading Xubuntu's ISO file - and choose the 32-bit version of the newest release, 13.10. Xubuntu is the version of Ubuntu Linux which looks the most like Windows XP, so we're keeping the learning curve as flat as possible.

Then, once the ISO completes its download, download and use the free Windows program which makes any USB flashdrive into a LiveUSB you can boot from.

Then, reboot your computer and tell it to boot from the LiveUSB, which will allow you to start using Ubuntu Linux without getting a new machine. That way, you can get started today!

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