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I followed the NBR2MP4 converter procedure on the WebEx site and also reviewed the step-by step instructions at but no matter what I do, it just doesn't work (i.e. doesn't output any MP4 file).

From within the nbr2_mp4 directory:

$ ./nbr2mp4 my_file.arf /tmp/ 5
Converting /home/username/nbr2_mp4/my_file.arf to /tmp/my_file.mp4
Retrieving video data, fps=5...

I tried many different options with or without DEST and FPS, with and without sudo, and whatever I do, it just doesn't output any file, ever.

On the WebEx site it says Linux OS: 32-bit Ubuntu 8.10/9.04 so it might simply be that the scripts are incompatible with 13.10, but I'd rather know if others have the same issue too?

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I had the same problem. In my case, some libraries required by nbr_play (the actual binary executed by nbr2mp4->nbrplay->nbr_play; nbr2mp4 and nbrplay are shell scripts). Just installing the missing libraries solved the problem.

You can check for missing libraries with 'ldd nbr_play'.

Also be aware that nbr_play is a 32-bit program. If you are using a 64-bit system, there is a chance that you already have installed the 64-bit versions of the libraries but not the 32-bit versions. In such a case you must install the 32-bit version of the libraries too.

The reason why the linker errors (unresolved libraries) are not shown when you execute the command is because the errors are redirected to /dev/null in the shell scripts mentioned above.

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