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I have a problem with my Ubuntu installation on a Macbook Pro. I can't figure out how to solve this. The problem is that i've installed Ubuntu 13.04 and i can't access my Ubuntu OS because the disk is locked by a passphrase that i can't remember. So i figure i try reinstall Ubuntu on it and choose not to have a passphrase. That was not so easy as i thought. The Macbook Pro won't boot up the USB thumb drive with the Intel x86 Ubuntu 13.04. And when i tried to install Mac OS X, it didn't work that either (no other info there).

Something is really wrong here and i can't figure out how to solve this issue.

I can access the Grub 2.0 but i don't know if i can do something in there, enter a command for partition the disk or do something else.

I don't want to have Mac OS X and Ubuntu on a different partition. I only want Ubuntu on the disk running so what can i do?

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