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I have Windows 7 host and Ubuntu as guest (makeshift while our IT dept repairs my normal Linux box). I have setup a VirtualBox Shared folder and it correctly shares files between the two systems.

I've also mounted a folder with SSHFS in the shared folder. It works as expected in Guest-Ubuntu, but in Host-Windows I can't see anything in the folder that should have SSHFS mounted within it. I even retried mounting with -o allow_other and I've uncommented user_allow_other in /etc/fuse.conf. It mounts without error or warning messages, but the directory still does not show up in Windows.

I thought maybe it was the mounted file permissions, but it looks like they're all -rwxr-xr-x and the folder itself is drwxr-xr-x. These look like should be sufficient to have the files at least visible to outside access, even if there is no write permission granted.

Is there something immediately obvious that I'm not doing, because I can't think of what else I need to do to make this directory visible to my Windows host. (Thanks to any in advance!)

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