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when adding some group users running Gnome

gpasswd -a user group

I am unable to see the changes running


Is there a way to update the environment without the need to restart Gnome?


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If you just need the terminal to reflect the updated group membership, it should be sufficient to use su to "switch" to the same user e.g.

$ id -Gn
steeldriver adm dialout sudo staff sambashare
$ sudo gpasswd --add steeldriver lpadmin
Adding user steeldriver to group lpadmin
$ id -Gn
steeldriver adm dialout sudo staff sambashare

(still shows the old groups), but then

$ su - steeldriver
$ id -Gn
steeldriver adm dialout sudo staff lpadmin sambashare

If you need the changes to be reflected throughout the desktop environment then yes, you will need to log out and in to a new session.

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