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I have a VGA to S-Video converter which I use to watch movies on the TV from my laptop, but after I've plugged it the laptop starts freezing whenever I try to suspend it or hibernate it. Can I read some log files to see what is causing this problem?

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Logfiles are located in /var/log.

  • Log files related to suspend:

    • Older entries (# is a number):


      The latter one with the .gz prefix is a compressed file and must be uncompressed before reading.

  • Related to the X server (0 is the display number, it's usually 0 unless you switch users):

    • Older entries:


Useful commands for the terminal:

  • Reads the log file and present it in a pager. You can use arrow keys, Page up/Down and Home/End to navigate. Compressed files are recognized too, there is no need to uncompress them before use:

    less /var/log/pm-suspend.log
  • Uncompressed a file and saves it to file. The latter program (gunzip) removes the original file.gz file

    zcat file.gz > file
    gunzip file.gz
  • Monitor logs (add new lines as they are added):

    tail -f /var/log/kern.log
  • List log files, sorted by last modification date:

    ls -lAtr /var/log
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