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I'm attempting to use an Ubuntu box as a VPN route(r) back to my office for my VOIP telephone. The voip phone we use, requires STUN which doesn't work unless on the same network range.

So my thinking was to create a Linux box, use OpenVPN to connect back to the office and tell the phone to use it as the default gateway.

I have the following setup so far

Linux Ubuntu; Voip Phone: (using as the GW)

On the Linux box, I have OpenVPN configured and working, I can see the remote network at the office if I use the Linux server. From the VPN users, all traffic is allowed into the Corp network (only a couple of us).

I have added the following ruleset to UFW:

# NAT table rules

# Allow forward traffic to tun0

# Process the NAT table rules

However, I can't send traffic from the phone up the VPN connection. Can someone advise on what I'm doing wrong, which is probably all of it I'm honest :(

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