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I know that my usb stick is bootable and i have made it according to the steps in

And it is booting but it shows an error message that, cannot find an operating system.

I have used the same setup, and installed it by double clicking the wubi.exe from my windows, it downloaded ubuntu-12.04.3-wubi-amd64.tar.xz and installed.

So i am not getting a wrong OS AND i am having bootable usb stick.

BUT still have the same cannot find an operating system. ERROR. Plz Help me..I am new to linux and ubuntu.

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Have you set USB as top priority boot device in BIOS setup? – Pavel Dec 11 '13 at 11:46

You can try Linux Live to make a pendrive bootable from windows.

Try again to make pendrive bootable by formatting it once. It should work.

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Use Unetbootin it is more user friendly IMO.

checklists -> Run unetboot in in admin mode, or disable UAC in windows.

press F12 after bios post to get boot list and boot from USB.

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Sorry for answering so late.
I got it.
The problem was wubi.exe was not not able to connect to the internet so that it can download the amd64.tar.xz.
So I just downloaded it from the internet and paste into the same folder/directory as of wubi.exe.
And woops my usb stick got booted like amazing and UBUNTU got installed in no time.

This answer is being posted using chrome in ubuntu. Love you UBUNTU.

Thanks to Ashok kuamr Sahoo, Waldir Leoncio, guru prasad and Pavel

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