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I have installed smoothly PTR 6.0.1 according to this site (How do I run Cisco Packet Tracer 6.0.1?), but when I want to run it this error appears:

PacketTracer6: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have Ubuntu version 13.10. Can somebody help me with this? Thanx.

EDIT: Hello, so I have installed this libqt4-scriptools:i386 library and now this error appears:

PacketTracer6: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

I find this library here:/usr/local/PacketTracer6/lib/

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PacketTracer6 tries to load a library called, but cannot find it. This usually is caused by one of two things.

Library missing

The first, more likely cause: The library is not installed. Luckily, the fix is easy.


sudo apt-get install libqt4-scripttools:i386

That will install the 32-bit-version of the library, which is necessary because Cisco ships a 32-bit version of PacketTracer6 only.

Problems with the library path

The second cause: The library is installed, but PacketTracer cannot find it. In order to work around that, you could run

LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/ /path/to/packettracer

after replacing the paths with the real ones from your system.

Update: Since PacketTracer also seems to need, but doesn't use the version it ships with, you will have to install libqt4-qt3support:i386 as well.

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Please add any additional information about the problem to your post using the edit function. Error messages in comments are very hard to decipher. – drc Dec 11 '13 at 10:06

The following lines of code can be found in the inside the "install" file.

sudo apt-get -y install lib32z1
sudo apt-get -y install lib32ncurses5
sudo apt-get -y install lib32bz2-1.0
sudo apt-get -y install libgcc1:i386
sudo apt-get -y install libstdc++6:i386
sudo apt-get -y install libssl-dev:i386
sudo apt-get -y install libqtwebkit4:i386
sudo apt-get -y install libqt4-scripttools:i386

Once the above packages are installed you should be able to run the application.

Note: lib32bz2-1.0 failed to install on Ubuntu 15.04 and the application still seams to run just fine.

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