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I have LG GT500 Puccini and want to install any version of Ubuntu on it, but I don't have an idea how. You have ubuntu for mobile phone, but I don't know where to start. I search internet, but no success.

If there is some way to install Android or something else, I'll try it. Phone is not so old, serves me fine but I need many of new options like Viber, maps etc.

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As you can read in the install wiki of Ubuntu Touch only the latest Nexus devices family are supported.

And a phone from 2009 is definitevly old in comparision to today smarthphones.

So if you want to test Ubuntu Touch you will need to get any of the Nexus devices listed in the install wiki.

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Here is a list of supported devices by Ubuntu. Maybe there are some builds from users for other phones, too. But since your name phone isnt even running Android I think it is impossible to Install Ubuntu or Android on it. I don't think the hardware is able to run it. And even if you find a way to install Ubuntu or Android on it, it wont run very good.

So if you want to run Ubuntu, buy a Nexus 4 or a Galaxy Nexus.

By the way: This is a Forum for Ubuntu. So don't ask questions here, about installing Android on your phone.

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