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How can I transfer music and videos from Ubuntu 13.10 to Nokia Lumia 920???

I've tried just copying the files like if it is a flash drive and it didn't work (I've copied the files but phone never recognised them)...I've also tried syncing it with clementine and rhythmbox and that didn't work either.

Tnx in advance...

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You should find some parameters on your phone (unplugged) to tell the PC it is a USB MASS STORAGE. Without that, you won't be able to transfer files since it requieres an application only available on Windows. –  MrVaykadji Mar 19 at 23:48
I've seen ppl saying they got it to work, and other (on Microsoft Forum) saying it's impossible. I'm guessing your best shot would be to forget the phone and plug the SD card directly. –  MrVaykadji Mar 19 at 23:51

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