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I like the quickedit mode in Windows cmd. It is convinient to copy and paste.

So I am searching a way to make it done in Ubuntu terminal.

Quickedit mode in Windows cmd:

  1. make selection in terminal using the cursor
  2. copy by right click selection
  3. paste by right click
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There is already something equivalent to this: by highlighting any text (not just in the terminal, but in almost any application), that text is put into the xclipboard. You can paste it by clicking the middle mouse button. If you're using a touchpad with no middle button, Ubuntu should allow you to click both buttons simultaneously to simulate a middle mouse click.

This is distinct from the ctrl+c/ctrl+v clipboard you are probably used to.

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Middle mouse button is not bad,thank you. – Mithril Dec 10 '13 at 10:22

Like in text editor, you can make selection in terminal using the cursor. But to copy/paste from/to the terminal you'll have to use Ctrl + Shift + C and Ctrl + Shift + V respectively.

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I recommend you install guake terminal (sudo apt-get install guake). It's great for usage and has many pretty features. Try it.

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Guake is awesome, but I don't see how this answers the question. – evilsoup Dec 10 '13 at 20:40
damnit... went sudo apt-get quake. Coding's gona have to wait now... – Dimitry_N Apr 6 at 0:54

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