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I have just installed ubuntu 11.04 on my ACER 3810T.

Unity is showing only few launchers in the sidebar and the "Applications" launcher is not there. More, if I press Alt-F", not windows (lens) comes up.

Where should I troubleshoot this?


PS: Video card: Intel mobile 4 Series Chipset

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The two launchers wEre not showing in the sidebar because the following packages were missing in the system: unity-place-files and unity-place-applications.

It was just a matter of installing them, login back and the launchers appered!

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Can you open up a terminal session? If so try typing in:

unity --reset

This will reset Unity to its default settings and hopefully resolve the issue you're having.

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I fixed this by comparing the installation with another pc. My notebook was missing unity-place-applications and unity-place-files packages.I don't know how this could happened during upgrade. – Fabio May 1 '11 at 16:59
@Fabio Go ahead and make an answer for your problem with how you solved it so it can help the next person (and we can vote on it!) – Jorge Castro May 1 '11 at 18:30

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