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I am new to linux. So I have zoo tycoon that I installed on Ubuntu 12.04. It runs fine no problems.

But I want to be able to play it without a disc like I could do on windows. So I copied the disc image using the dd command. I mounted the iso to a virtual drive using Acetoneiso.

It tells me to insert the disc when I try to start up zoo tycoon. So I tried to install it from the iso instead of the disc to see if that works. I can see Setup.exe along with the other files in the iso on a virtual drive.

When I try to run Setup.exe using wine, it tells me access denied. So I use command line and type wine Setup.exe and it tells me

wine: Bad EXE format for H:\virtual-drives\1\Setup.exe

I just want to be able to play zoo tycoon without the disc because the disc is pretty old.

Is there someway to do this or am I going about this all wrong?

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