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I have a Samsung netbook N150Plus (mod# NP-N150-JP02UK) on which I have just installed 11.04 but although the function key works for the screen brightness and brings up the brightness +/- animation, it does not actually change the brightness.

With power on, the screen is bright but at least I can see it (but not change it) but on battery power, the screen is so dim its almost unusable in normal daylight. I have made changes to power management to no avail. Also had the same issue when I had 10.10 installed before upgrading.

Is this a driver issue of a Linux setting problem? Any help appreciated.

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With installing the Voria-Tools we can overcome limitations of a standard Ubuntu installation on Samsung netbooks. Just add the following ppa to your sources:


and install samsung-backlight from there. You may also find other interesting tools ther to control your Samsung netbook.

In case the functions still do not work properly I suggest you contact the Voria team to help them solve the problem.

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OK, thanks for your time on this, I'll give it ago and see what happens. thanks again – Andy T May 1 '11 at 18:30
Just updated my netbook and see now that my screen brightness issue has been addressed with a proper fix after rebooting. Thank You the guys at, it is much appreciated, believe me! Could not imagine such a fast and effective response from the 'dark side', if you know what I mean... – Andy T May 3 '11 at 19:38

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