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i bought Dell Vostro 2520 in which Ubuntu was already installed. i want to uninstall Ubuntu and install win7 on that machine. For that i used Gparted on Ubuntu and had eraseed partiion of Ubuntu. And for install win7 i used win7 DVD from Boot optionn, But laptop not getting boot via DVD. even i tried bootable Pan drive of Win7 but had same problem.

i have Ubuntu live cd.

is there any solution for this problem? plz show me step by step.

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what was the error message shown when you boot from win7 dvd? – Avinash Raj Dec 9 '13 at 6:04
I bet your problem is windows, not Ubuntu. – Braiam Dec 9 '13 at 16:30

The recommended approach in this situation is to contact Microsoft Support, that is included in your purchased copy of Windows. They will provide detailed instructions of how to install their operating system regardless of what is/was installed on your computer.

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Is your windows copy original, or burned on DVD. If you burned it on DVD, maybe you didn't do it in the right way. Multisession burned windows usually won't boot too. You can try choosing the boot option by pressing esc buton repeatedly when boot logo appears.

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