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I'm an Ubuntu user for about a year. So far, I've tried Linux Mint (Nadia & Olivia) and Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.10. Currently I'm on 12.04 LTS.

On all of the operations system I used, I experienced the same problem - battery lasts only for 15 minutes while unplugged.

I've tried to solve this problem with following tricks:

  • Jupiter and TLP. With Jupiter, I was able to get about 3 minutes more.
  • Changing nouveau graphics drivers with proprietary NVIDIA (my graphics card is GeForce G 105M). Problem hasn't been solved, and graphics started behaving quite strange, so I switched back.
  • Disable bluetooth and wifi by hardware switch. No result.
  • As proposed here I tried sudo powertop-1.13 -d -t 60 > powertop.log and got the following output:
  55.4% (912.3)   [uhci_hcd:usb8, eth1] <interrupt>
  12.3% (202.4)   chromium-browse
   6.5% (106.4)   swapper/1
   6.0% ( 98.5)   alsa-sink
   5.3% ( 88.1)   [Rescheduling interrupts] <kernel IPI>
   4.1% ( 67.0)   Xorg
   2.9% ( 48.2)   PS/2 keyboard/mouse/touchpad interrupt
   2.6% ( 43.4)   swapper/0
   0.0% (  0.2)D  BrowserBlocking
   1.1% ( 17.7)D  transmission-gt

Does it mean that the problem is strictly related to the USB driver? Do I need to disable uhci_hcd?

Thank you

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Wow - 15 minutes battery life (Mine only lasts for 30 minutes sometimes). As far as I remember uhci_hcd controls or mounts USB devices or something - probably also including integrated USB webcams etc - so disabling it might not be a good idea, but finding out what is causing it to use 55% of wakeups per second might be a better idea. Also, what is your CPU usage (use top), as that can be a big factor on power usage. –  Wilf Dec 8 '13 at 18:14
might that be network over usb? or usb and eth1? –  guntbert Dec 8 '13 at 18:33
@guntbert what do you mean by network over usb? I don't have any external devices connected to the USB port (sorry, forgot to mention that in the initial post, will edit it). I also performed same measurements with disabled bluetooth, no difference –  Timofey Dec 8 '13 at 20:26
I am not sure, I only noticed that the 1st line has eth1 (not only uhci) - it was only an observation, no idea if it might be significant. –  guntbert Dec 8 '13 at 20:34
@wilf actually it lasts for 15 minutes only after Jupiter-brigthness-etc tweaking. Without it, I usually get about 10 min (yeah, crazy). top output doesn't show anything strange IMO pastebin.com/0LBZeZAZ –  Timofey Dec 8 '13 at 20:38

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