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Can anyone help me?

Alright, I'm getting really upset with this. I love Ubuntu (and Linux in general) and I've never had this issue in my life, but now that it's happening, I'm thinking of starting to use Windows again.

My Issue:

Whenever I start an game under WINE (Wine Windows Program Loader) that uses DirectX, the sound is really weird. To describe it, I would say it's slowed down and skippy. I've tried multiple games that used to run fine, such as Bit Trip Runner 2 and Limbo.

Solutions I've tried.

  1. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the games, but that didn't work.
  2. I tried completely deleting the wine prefix, reinstalling WINE, and then reinstalling the game, but that didn't work.
  3. I tried deleting the wine prefix and use the terminal to make a new 32-bit prefix, rather than the default 64-bit prefix (Yes, I'm on a 64-bit prefix), and then reinstalling the game, but that didn't work.

A slight fix:

After trying the WINENOPULSE=1 trick someone told me about, and the audio changes from being slowed down and skippy to barely understandable from sounding speed up and full of static. I decided to try and put up with it for a while and lo and behold, after around 2 minutes of playing the sound started working fine. This was good and all but I would really like it to sound correct all the time.

Additional details:

WINE Version: I'm using the latest version of WINE, although all the WINE versions are doing the same thing for me.


PC: HP Compaq Pro 6305 64-bit with EFI Firmware

OS: Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit

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