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I just recently bought the WD TV Live streaming media player. I called there customer support center and they could not help me. Its a box that plugs into my TV by an hdmi cable. It walks you through there set-up menus. What is supposed to happen next is your supposed to share media,video,and picture files thru your TV. Problem is I get get the system to even recognize my home computer.I was hoping someone had some insight on my issue. Thanks

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If you want to share the media from the device to your computer you can install XBMC, then add a video source from upnp device.

If you want to share the media from your PC with ubuntu to this device you need to install a streaming server, i use minidlna is very easy and ligh but there are another options.

sudo apt-get install minidlna 
sudo gedit /etc/minidlna.conf

add the folders to share for example


uncomment this lines in the configuration file


refresh the database

sudo minidlna -R 

restart the service

sudo service minidlna restart

And then you should see the name of you computer in the device.

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