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After I choose to reboot the computer when ubuntu 13.10 done installing, I booted again with the "Try Ubuntu" or "Install now"

I chose install now (note that I installed ubuntu already) and it had 3 options:

  • Reinstall windows and install ubuntu or something like that
  • Reinstall ubuntu
  • And format everything and install ubuntu again

I chose back, and I chose the "try ubuntu"

Is this normal? All my system is functioning ok right? I have every feature like a normal ubuntu user cause I installed it right??

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did you ejected the installation disk after the install was completed (before reboot)? – Wolfy Dec 6 '13 at 12:32

You have to eject the cd and reboot the system. But everything is normal.

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The installation should have told you that you should Eject/Unplug your CD/DVD/USB so you can boot normally. Just remove the drive and you will be OK and booting Ubuntu from the Hard Disk.

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