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I tried installing a fresh copy of xUbuntu 13.10 on my ASRock 970 UEFI mother with a Sapphire R9 280x video card.

xUbuntu installs fine but when it loads the OS.. I can see the mouse cursor but nothing else.

This happens to kUbuntu 13.10; also when trying Ubuntu 13.10, it will load the OS,background, but when you open anything the screen is fuzzy and can't be used.

Do I have to turn something off on the UEFI bios?

Also, older version of xUbuntu installs and the display works.


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I'm having that same issue, and tearing my hair out of it. I thought it was because there was a bug in the particular kernel. 12.04 installs fine, but when I update to the latest 12.04 kernel, it goes black. Now, if I install the ati drivers it does that also. Have you found a solution? –  Mr A Dec 15 '13 at 3:31
The issue I had was having multiple cards plugged in. I made sure only 1 card is plugged in and it's working fine. Try updating to 13. –  Wasabi Developer Jan 9 at 12:01

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