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I am using terminator. It is awesome to work with it. But thing is i want to custom the terminator to split the window as 4 or more while opening itself. Now i am splitting the window using the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+O and CTRL+SHIFT+E.

Any idea to setup will be great.

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In Terminator you can right click and then choose "Preferences" (Or settings? I have a german version).

When you add a new profile (left buttom "add") terminatior will add your current settings.

Give it a name and close the preferences window.

Now in ~/.config/terminator/config your new layout is added.

You can now start terminater with:

terminator -l yourLayout

If you want terminator allways to start with your layout, have a look at that file (~/.config/terminator/config). Should be easy to copy your settings to the [default] section.

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