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I have an ISO file about 24 GB. I want it to move to the other PC. My pendrive is about 16 GB. Is there any way I can part the iso and again join them together. This OC is ubuntu and other one is windows 7.

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- Dont forget you also have alternatives: you also use the internet to upload and download the file. If the 2 systems are on the same network you can use ssh. – Rinzwind Dec 5 '13 at 18:41

On Linux/Ubuntu we have ...

SPLIT(1)                         User Commands                        SPLIT(1)

       split - split a file into pieces

       split [OPTION]... [INPUT [PREFIX]]

You did not expect it to be that simple did you? How you join them again on Windows is not for AskUbuntu though. But you can also use zipsplit:

zipnote(1)                  General Commands Manual                 zipnote(1)

       zipsplit - split a zipfile into smaller zipfiles

       zipsplit  [-t]  [-i]  [-p] [-s] [-n size] [-r room] [-b path] [-h] [-v]
       [-L] zipfile

       zipfile  Zipfile to split.

I assume zip will be cross platform :)

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First solution in my mind was to mount the .iso for example by FuriusIso. Then you can open the CD like every other folder and copy some part of files on your pendrive. It should appear in bookmarks in your files manager.

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