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Im trying to install the developer version of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop Developer edition. It's the 64 bit download version as my mac's a Intel Core 2 Duo. According to the Ubuntu website, I should be able to install Ubuntu using a bootable USB or DVD. The USB first;

Long story short, it failed. I think this has something to do with Apple nailing down its software. I could select the USB when I held Alt on the keyboard - 2 USB's appeared and none of them worked; the screen would go black and stay black.

The DVD approach hasn't fared much better. I bought new DVD-RW DVD's with a capacity of 4.7GB each. Again, according to the Ubuntu site, here, all I need to do is open Disk Utility and burn the ISO to the DVD. Then press C on start up and boot from there.

I did that but here's the problem - the DVD just keeps getting ejected by the mac. What's the problem here? If I can't install Ubuntu onto this Mac using USB or DVD - what else can I do?


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It can't be done, based on how I wanted it installed - I tried various options and none of them worked. The only alternate is to install Virtual Box and use it to run Ubunut

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