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Is there any GUI software that can explore a tree and find all files with size greater than some amount? Neither Nautilus nor Nemo seem to be able to do this. In my memory, I could do this with PC-Tools in DOS 3.0.

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gnome-search-tool is what I use. Very simple. It has the "Size is at least" filter where you can specify minimum file size. See screen print for searching my ISOs folder with a minimum size of 10,000,000 KB in size.

gnome-search-tool minimum file size

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Thank you rik.shaw, I completly forgot this since I use unity, and as I thought gnome-search-tool was a feature/companion of Nautilus (what I now know is false) growing ...more and more spartan, so I switched to Nemo (which, btw, doesn't help more in that matter of searching), so I was stuck. I will give a try back to it although I remember issues in gnome-search-tool keeping searching for hours when it met unauthorized directories or files or looping through links. Anyway, even if there isn't a better tool, at least it was the kind of answer I expected. Thank you again. –  useful Dec 6 '13 at 15:50

You can find file of specified size using this command:

sudo find / -type f -size 100M

This will find files with 100 Mega

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The sad in linux CLI programs is the lack of uniformity. I used AS/400 (I know it is anything but open) and I loved its CLI. I could even guess name of commands I ignore, just because even the names were uniform e.g wrkactjob verb/[adj]/noun for work with active jobs, wrkoutq for work with output queues, then just F4 for basic parms, then F13 for full parms, dedicated help on each parm with F1. I know we can't get smthing in linux, but I solved my issue by firing up a dusty Windows and plugged the usb drive in it and found what I searched in less time it took to boot or I learn and forget find –  useful Dec 6 '13 at 16:21
  • In the shell tools we have find:

    find / -size +1M

    For files over 1 megabyte.

  • And in the GUI's we have the Disk Usage Analitizer (baobab):

    sudo apt-get install baobab

There is a bunch more on this question of SuperUser, but for all ends and propose baobad is enough.

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Thank you Braiam, but baobab can't be useful as it won't have file search/sort option. More, since Unity the menu is broken (no more edit/preferences to exclude files/folder) and I get an error analysing my own "/home/me or some of its subfolders", maybe authorizations of .ssh, and no message to direct me to a log... so. find may work better, but it is not a gui, and everytime (which is not often) it could be useful, in the urgency, I forgot the syntax, so... find is not for my humanity. –  useful Dec 6 '13 at 16:05
@useful there are a bunch more on the SU link, I won't bother to bring them since... mm... it will give the impression that you want a list and you want not (nor is encouraged in SE), either way, give the link a shot, if you feel that some of them solves your problem. BTW, as you can notice I prefer CLI solutions over GUI's since... mmm... I'm like that ;). –  Braiam Dec 6 '13 at 16:11

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