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I can't install Ubuntu because of UEFI. So, I'm using vm-ware. Sadly, it runs slow on newer versions of Ubuntu. 11.04 & 10.04 run great.

Problem is: I can't use the software center. I tried replacing "" with "" in /etc/apt/sources.list Nothing. I run sudo apt-get update. This is what I get:

I would install everything manually, but most of the software I use provide installation through Ubuntu repositories only.

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Sorry, but if it doesn't work is for a good reason (aka dependencies) You may want to use Lubuntu or Xubuntu if the VM is too slow. – Braiam Dec 4 '13 at 20:04
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You replaced it wrong, the subdomains should be replaced with "old-releases". For example: "" not "" .

Please note that this method will result in some duplicate entries.

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