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Last time i was in the same situation , So if you delete windows partition it will affect grub for sure, actually in my case that happened . Then you have recover it as mentioned by guru prasad.

So re-installing both is better , before deleting both the OS do-

  1. Backup home

  2. open /var/cache/apt/archive and copy all the .deb files somewhere else after re-installing Ubuntu , copy them to the same folder and install your software’s by normal apt-get install it will use those .deb files and little from internet to install.

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  • you dont need to remove ubuntu.You can just delete the windows partition on ubuntu and reinstall windows on the same partition.
  • To delete a windows partition,you need to install gparted partition editor on ubuntu.Run the below commands on terminal to install gparted,

    sudo apt-get install gparted
  • Open gparted ,locate the windows7 partition and format it to ntfs filesystem.

  • Then bootup the windows-live-disk.During windows installation select the custom option and then select the ntfs partition you formatted it on gparted and install windows to it.

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Actually I have a partition will restore my computer to factory settings. No windows disk. – Duco Dec 4 '13 at 12:38

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