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I have a wireless device under the name wlan0 in Ubuntu 13.10. I want to change the configuration of a network to be found in the following directory


I would like to do the following:

  1. Stop the wireless connection
  2. Change the configuration of a network in the mentioned path
  3. Restart the connection

How to do that? I tried ifdown, but this command tells me that wlan0 is not configured, and I tried nmcli c up/down, but this command does not seem to 'reread' the changed configuration?

So how to make this work?

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You must use:

nmcli nm wifi on/off

no nmcli c up/down.

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The commands ifdown/ifup just manage interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces. These are explicitly not managed by the NetworkManager.

So static interfaces (which could be static or dynamically assigned IPv4 and IPv6 addresses) I usually manage there instead of by the NetworkManager. Most often it's servers, as I don't use use graphical interfaces on servers. NM is in my opinion most usefully on laptops and not on stationary computers, but your mileage might be different.

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