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I am trying to find an implementation of checkers/draughts that works. I did "sudo apt-get install kcheckers" and when I run it I get a window that I can't expand (so it works but just in a small window). On the terminal I see

Your Locale: "en_GB" 
Prefix path: /usr 
Loading Qt translations failed. 
Loading KCheckers translations failed. 
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You sadly can't seem to change the board size in KCheckers - you can change the board to 'simple-big' in the 'View' menu, but that does not make much difference. It may have last been updated in 2005, so is a real space for development.

You may want to try this - though it is designed for Ubuntu Touch, it is shown working in Ubuntu 13.04 (with a cursor... so I looks like it works on the Desktop Ubuntu as well.) - though I get this error when trying to open it:

wmobbs@whm2:~$ qmlscene --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/checkers.desktop /usr/share/checkers/checkers.qml
file:///usr/share/checkers/checkers.qml:49 ToolbarActions is not a type

I should do a bug report later.

If you are using 13.04, you may want to update it, as 13.04 is now End Of Life - example instructions here.

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