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Gnome/X, the screen goes gray (nearly black). The mouse is still there and still works. Everything else still works but can not be seen.

I know someone that has this problem a lot, the screen will un-blank after some minutes and everything will be fine for awhile, until it happened again. She was using 9.04, and later upgraded to 9.10 but still had the problem. Now I think she has upgraded to 10.x and still has the problem.

Today for the first time my laptop did this also. Ubuntu 9.04 with all or nearly all updates, none of which are recent. I switched out to a text console and it worked fine, switched back to X and still gray. I think it is really black, just the back light makes it look gray. I used ps to see what was all running and killed a few things to no avail. Finally I just killed the session... for a moment the terminal was switched back to X and it un-blanked just in time to see the desktop before it all died to be replaced by the login window. I logged back in and all was fine.

Someone know about this? know how to fix it?

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what is your graphics card? In a terminal type "lspci | grep VGA". Also are you using any Administration - Additional Hardware drivers? I'm sure you are aware 9.x is no longer supported and you should be on a minimum of 10.04. –  fossfreedom Apr 30 '11 at 18:43

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